Spare Replacement Bolts and Pins for the Acr


Replacement bolts and pins for the Acr


Spare standard replacement bolts and roll pins for the Acr

If you lost a bolt or want a new set of spares for down the road we have you covered.  These are the same bolts and pins that are used in Templar Acr builds.

Here’s how many bolts you need to complete your rifle.

5 Receiver rail bolts (these vary slightly from the factory bolts so I replace all 5 the first time to make them match, otherwise outside of being barely cosmetically different they are identical)
1 Brass deflector bolt
2 Upper trunnion bolts
2 lower trunnion bolts

A complete upper bolt set will include all of the above
A upgraded upper bolt set will include all of the above but all 4 of the trunnion bolts are replaced with Torx Bits instead of the Hex bolts.

Also available are replacement Safety bolts.

Blue locktite is recommended to prevent the bolts from backing out during use.  Also do not overtighten the bolts or you will have to cut them out of the receiver.


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