Are the Windham, Maine built Acr’s the best?

No, All Acr’s had the same general QC from the beginning to the end. While it is rare to come across an Acr with issues, it happens from time to time.

What are the best built Acr’s?

Generally the Huntsville Acr’s are the best since they include the latest upgrades that were developed for the Acr.

My Acr was built after Remington, that makes it a Remington Acr?

No, the Remington Acr’s are a completely different model that was never released commercially. Generally they are heavily modified Post Sample Machineguns. There’s only around 20 known Semi Auto Remington Acr’s. They are also roll marked as Remington Acr’s. Not BFI or Bushmaster.

What barrel’s work for an Acr conversion?

Any carbine length or midlength barrel with a .75 gas block seat should work properly for a conversion. A pencil profile isn’t recommended because it doesn’t have enough material to allow for the piston support to grab onto.

Can I swap the converted parts back onto my old barrel once a conversion is done?

Chances are the gas system was modified enough that swapping the gas system back to the old barrel would not work and could possibly damage the rifle or cause bodily harm.

Can I swap parts between converted barrels?

While it is possible to do this, it is highly not recommended. Every barrel is different, even from the same manufacturer, therefore converted parts are made to work with the barrel they were built with.

How long does it take to swap a barrel in a NON-QD barrel setup?

Generally it takes less than a minute to swap a barrel over with another Non-Qd barrel set.

Can I use a non modified factory barrel with the Non-Qd trunnion?

No the thread pitch for a Qd system and Non Qd system are different. In order to use a factory barrel set you would need to swap the lock ring assembly and spacer for the Non Qd barrel nut. Everything else on the barrel assembles like normal.