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  • Scythe/Acr Lower Receiver Parts

    G1 Lightened Trigger Box

    Templar G1-556 Spare trigger box.  Works with factory Bushmaster Semi Auto plastic lower.

  • Upper Receiver Parts

    G1 V3 Brass deflector

    G1 V3 lightweight Brass Deflector.

  • Aluminum Lower Receivers

    G1-556 Lightweight Lower Receiver

    Limited stock!  Once they sell out the  Backordered Black Friday sales will arrive before Christmas! 


    ACR 5.56 Lightweight lower receiver made of 6061 Aluminum.


    Features Milspec flared magwell.  Allows for most AR-15 Trigger guards and pistol grips to be used with the Acr.

    Uses all factory parts for assembly with the exception of the trigger box.  Required trigger box included.

    **Requires new style safety …

  • Handguards

    G1-M Mlok Rail System

    Very Limited stock!  In stock handguards are awaiting Qd’s and will ship once they are received. The in stock handguards will make it before Christmas.  Backordered handguards will ship after the new year and WILL NOT make it before Christmas unfortunately.

    The G1-M Rail system was developed to allow for maximum strength while still being weighing in at 7.2 ounces.  The …

  • Upper Receiver Parts

    G2 Non QD Lightweight Trunnion

    The Templar G2 Non Qd Trunnion reduces the weight of  the Acr by approximately 5 ounces when combined with the Templar Non Qd barrel nut.  These were designed using official Remington Blueprints while also being upgraded for better durability when being used with the final generation Ambi charging handle from Bushmaster.

    The G1 Non QD Trunnion is CNC machined from billet …